The project is located on a 3.77-acre property in JP nagar 7th phase, located off 100 ft. ring road, towards South of Bangalore. The site is situated in the midst of a residential zone and surrounded with low-rise residential units. The project is easily accessible from different parts of the city

C 20 - Circular apartments –| 3 bedroom simplex | Saleable area 3103 sft | Carpet area 2019 sft.

T 35 - Linear apartments | 4 bedroom simplex | Saleable area 5249 sft | Carpet area - 3412 sft 



3 bedroom - starts from Rs. 3.35 Cr (changes with the floor rise charges)

4 bedroom - starts from Rs. 5.90 Cr (changes with the floor rise charges)

  • Possession
    Jan 2017
  • Price Range
    Rs. 3.35 Cr to 6 Cr
  • Bedroom
    3, 4 BHK
  • Property Type
    Residential Apartment
  • Saleable Area
    3103 - 5249 sq.ft.
  • Units
  • Status
    Under Construction
Highlights/Floor Plan

Tower 1 & 3 (Circular) has 21 levels and has 84 units each

Tower 2 (Rectangular) has 22 levels with 40 units and 2 Penthouse units


The 90 cm ductable electric chimney with anodized aluminium filters is perfect for Indian kitchens
It arrests fumes and keeps the kitchen fresh and odour-free
The four-burner cooking hob features electric ignition for added convenience
Backing panels in stainless steel make it easy to clean
Unobtrusive yet highly functional, the garbage receptacle in the kitchen forms part of the cabinetry
It swivels out with its lid open when you open the cabinet door, and shuts and slides back in after use

Sleek cutlery drawers in non-corrosive alloys form part of the modular kitchen unit
Practical partitions add to their usefulness
Drawers glide on new-generation drawer channels; an example of technology enhancing simple everyday functions
Telescopic channels enable easier access to even recessed regions of drawer units
This contributes to better use of storage spaces

Footlights provided at convenient locations in rooms and passages show you the way at night

Stainless steel i-Max hinges keep windows and ventilators locked in position when opened
They provide extra flexibility for easier cleaning of window shutters
All door handles are in smooth brushed finish steel
In addition to being beautiful, these accessories are a pleasure to use

The use of PVC drainage cells enables hassle-free and efficient drainage
This is a clean alternative to using cinder as a drainage layer
A drip irrigation system, together with sprinklers, keeps the garden lush and green
The pop-up sprinkler system features a 360 degree spray nozzle
The sprinklers can be preset to adjust the throw of water to desired levels

An aluminium U-channel is provided between the floor-skirting and the plastering of the wall for better finish
It also conceals cracks that may develop due to expansion
A GI mesh is embedded along corners of walls while plastering
This prevents chipping of edges and goes a long way in keeping the walls in great shape

Floor Plan
  • 13 City Center:  13Km
  • Airport:  48Km
  • ATM Distance:  5 min
  • 6 Railway Station:  6Km
  • 0.5 Super Market:  0.5Km
  • School:  1Km
  • College:  3Km
Property location
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